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P E N D A N T S pink & red

Handmade polymer clay pendants designed for mixing and matching. Elevate your style with unique, individually crafted pieces. Versatile and perfect for any occasion.

P E N D A N T S pink & red

CHF 30.00Price
  • Pendants: Polymer clay sealed with durable UV Resin

  • Store Away from Extremes:
    Avoid extreme temperatures and store in a cool, dry place.

    No Water Exposure:
    Remove before showering or swimming to prevent water damage.

    Avoid Chemicals:
    Keep away from harsh chemicals and perfumes.

    Gentle Cleaning:
    Clean with a soft, damp cloth if needed.

    Handle Carefully:
    Keep earrings secure to prevent damage; avoid tossing them loosely in your purse.

    Check Hardware:
    Regularly check and tighten earring hardware.

    Limit Sun Exposure:
    Store away from prolonged sunlight to prevent fading.

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